Terms & Conditions


  1. World of Open Account (WOA) is a division and trading name of BZIX Consulting & Management, Rue Groeselenberg 41/1, 1180 Brussels – Belgium. VAT identification:BE0477.623.941. Website www.bzix.be . Phone +32/2.356.26.86
  2. All members agree to support WOA’s mission as the global collaborative competence and networking centre for open account receivables finance and agree with WOA’s code of ethics and data privacy policy.
  3. Applications for membership are made on the website woa.community. If the application is approved, the membership will become effective immediately. The member will receive a confirmation email and Premium Members will receive an invitation/invoice to pay the membership fee pro rata for the remaining months of the current calendar year, including the current month.
  4. Every new Premium Membership runs at least until the end of the first full calendar year following the current year of the membership subscription. The membership will afterwards be automatically renewed on the 1st of January of each year until explicitly cancelled.
  5. A Premium member wishing to resign must send notice in writing by post, fax or email. Notification of resignation must be received by WOA no later than the 30 September of the year that precedes the year of membership renewal. If such notification of resignation is not received, the member will remain on the membership list and will be liable for payment of dues for that following year.
  6. In no event will any resignation or exclusion of any member entitle such member to any assets of the WOA Community nor to any refund of dues already paid.
  7. Any member whose membership fee remains unpaid for a period of 30 days or more after receipt of a second payment reminder will be deemed to have resigned his membership but will remain liable for payment of dues for that year.
  8. Penalties for late payment will automatically be added if an invoice remains unpaid for a period of 30 days or more after its due date. Penalties are calculated at 12% per year for the late payment period with a minimum of 100,00 €.
  9. Membership shall expire automatically upon the death of an individual member or upon the liquidation or bankruptcy of a member which is a legal entity.
  10. A member (Company or Individual) can be excluded upon a decision of the Board of Directors if they conclude that the member may damage the aims, objectives or reputation of the community. Such exclusion is entirely at the discretion of the Board and may be exercised without right of appeal.
  11. Premium Membership of a company entitles all employees of that specific legal entity to make use of the services offered to members. The membership fee is based on the maximum number of staff involved in receivables finance as communicated by the member. If the number of staff increases to a next invoice level, the member agrees to pay the higher corresponding membership fee. For Premium Company Members from the category +20 staff, a maximum of 50 employees of that entity can make use of the services. For groups of companies, such a maximum of 50 employees applies for each individual company belonging of the group. Additional individual memberships can be accommodated at a fee.
  12. Supporting membership of a company entitles maximum 50 employees of that specific legal entity to make use of the services offered to members. Additional individual memberships can be accommodated at a fee.
  13. The membership agreement is governed by Belgian law.
  14. These terms & conditions have been reviewed on 20 September 2018.
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