Talent, Diversity and Inclusion

The WOA Community has recognised that a focus on Talent, Diversity and Inclusion is a critical area for the Industry to support growth and capability.

We need to have a broad-based population to drive progress in terms of our skills, experience and perspective. We need to move away from the perception of an Industry dominated by the pale, stale and male. We have to attract the broadest range of people from different geography, background, gender and age to create the environment for change and flexibility. And we want the WOA Community itself to fulfil this set of goals.

The WOA Learning Lab on Talent, Diversity and Inclusion is designed to help provide the necessary learning and development support to ensure that everyone, irrespective of their background, has the opportunity to contribute to the Industry and to progress their career. It seeks to use the enormous reservoir of talent and knowledge that we know exists and ensure this is passed on to those who can take the baton forward.

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