Setting up and Growing a Receivables Finance Operation

How to get started in receivables finance? Which products to choose? Which markets? What are the key drivers for success? Receivables Finance in all of its forms is high on the list of both emerging and mature economies as a tool to support SMEs and economic development. Banks are interested in adding Receivables Finance to their product portfolio but are looking for information and support. This WOA Learning Lab addresses most of the initial questions to be asked when starting with Factoring and Receivables Finance and also offers support and insights for more advanced operations that are looking to grow their product offering. A Lab predominantly focused on knowledge transfer.


  1. Four skills we all need for the year ahead

  2. WOA kicks off the New Year

  3. 国际保理与出口信用保险的主要区别

  4. WOA events in 2021

  5. 国际保理与其他贸易融资产品的对比

  6. 国际保理与国内保理的主要区别

  7. A new Learning Lab : WOA in China

  8. When will SMEs recover from COVID-19?

  9. Dancerace joins World of Open Account

  10. In the midst of a crisis, lies great opportunity

  11. Unprecedented. A global financial shock – completely out of the blue. So where are we now?

  12. Per aspera ad astra! WOA 2020 meets by Zoom on 6. October

  13. WOA 2020 Conference Program announced

  14. WOA 2020 Conference goes virtual

  15. Free WOA webcast on Tuesday 16 June at 3:00 pm CEST

  16. To emerge stronger from the COVID-19 crisis, SMEs should start reskilling their workforces now

  17. Leadership in a Post COVID-19 World

  18. Factoring in the Post COVID-19 European Union

  19. Is the United States Still Open For Business?

  20. April Fools Day Came A Day Late this Year

  21. European Commission publishes study on Supply Chain Finance

  22. COVID-19’S Impact on the Factoring Industry

  23. More thoughts on the COVID-19 Pandemic

  24. Accounts Receivable Factoring: Where We Are Today

  25. Thoughts on the COVID-19 Pandemic

  26. How to add Asset Based Lending to your Invoice Finance offering?

  27. WOA Assess : a new "Business Health Check Service"

  28. WOA Guide for setting up factoring activities

  29. WOA events first half 2020

  30. Receivables Financing and Africa

  31. Legal considerations for cross-border factoring

  32. WOA New Year's Event : 16th of January 2020 at DLA Piper in London

  33. Only two weeks left to register for the WOA Convention!

  34. Setting up and Growing a Receivables Finance Operation

  35. The Old Co New Co Collect out Trap

  36. West Africa : a market overview

  37. Meet the Experts Part 5 : Invoice Discounting

  38. South Pacific Region: a market overview by Simon Thompson

  39. Meet the Experts Part 4 : Factoring

  40. Emerging and Developing Markets for Factoring - Opportunities and Challenges

  41. Serbia : a market overview

  42. Letters of Credit demystified

  43. Russia : a market overview

  44. WOA Community Convention 7-8 October

  45. India : a market overview

  46. EGYPT : a market overview

  47. Bosnia and Herzegovina : Opportunities and Challenges for Factoring

  48. CDC Group joins World of Open Account

  49. Emerging and Developing Markets for Factoring - Opportunities and Challenges

  50. Setting up and Growing a Receivables Finance Operation

  51. Legal Aspects of Receivables Finance - The appropriate legal environment

  52. Survival tips for managing cash flow during the upcoming economic downturn

  53. Open Trade Finance : simple, easy to use, low cost.

  54. Don't suffer Factoring Fraud

  55. Credit Insurance & Receivables Finance : "Je t'aime, moi non plus"?

  56. The Impact of Brexit on the Factoring Industry, 3 years later.

  57. WOA Community Members receive access to UK Finance Distant Learning Programme on Invoice Finance and ABL

  58. Asset-based finance helps SMEs to grow and presents clear opportunities for challenger banks

  59. Debt collection in services: in-house vs. outsourcing (Factoring trade receivables for high-end services is only a last resort option)

  60. United Nations Convention on the Assignment of Receivables in International Trade

  61. Unidroit Convention on International Factoring

  62. Factoring Survey in EBRD's countries of operation

  63. Legal Considerations for Factors & Receivable Financiers

  64. The 5 Cs of Tactical Risk Management

  65. Who Guards the Guards?

  66. Factoring and Commercial Finance : a White Paper

  67. Factors and Actors : A Global Perspective on the Present, Past and Future of Factoring

  68. Free webinars on how to set up factoring activities in an emerging market

  69. Introduction to Factoring

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