Risk Monitoring and Fraud Control

Open account receivables financing requires specific procedures, systems and knowledge to manage a variety of risks. If managed well, the financial losses in case of default of a client are only a fraction of the loss given default for a traditional non-secured bank loan. The risk of fraud is the most difficult to mitigate and therefore probably the most important risk. This WOA learning lab will study and promote best practices in Risk and Fraud control and will share case studies and lessons learned with the community.


  1. The return of risk management

  2. Per aspera ad astra! WOA 2020 meets by Zoom on 6. October

  3. WOA 2020 Conference Program announced

  4. WOA 2020 Conference goes virtual

  5. UK/EU weekly insurance COVID-19 update

  6. UK/EU weekly insurance COVID-19 update

  7. Credit risk management of factoring companies in the Corona crisis

  8. weekly COVID-19 news and updates

  9. The SME lending landscape in 2020

  10. WOA New Year's Event : 16th of January 2020 at DLA Piper in London

  11. Financing Inventory in Europe

  12. Atlantic Risk strengthens its European footprint and lands in Germany

  13. Only two weeks left to register for the WOA Convention!

  14. The Old Co New Co Collect out Trap

  15. Free WOA webinar on Inventory Financing on 3rd of December

  16. UK Government Crown Rights to be Re-established

  17. Equiniti Riskfactor appoints Michael Stock as Head of Operations

  18. Receivables as an Asset Class : Credit Risk Transparency

  19. How Technology can improve Risk Management

  20. WOA takes part in EU Workshop on SCF

  21. 4 inspiring and free web-meetings in May and June (and 1 ground-breaking convention in October)

  22. Artificial Intelligence : How it Can Transform Receivables Finance Risk Management

  23. Credit Insurance and Receivables Finance : mutual education is needed

  24. The Lebanese Credit Insurer (LCI) joins WOA

  25. UK ABL under Threat from the return of Government Preference

  26. Don't suffer Factoring Fraud

  27. Tinubu Square joins WOA as Supporting Premium Member

  28. Equifax joins World of Open Account

  29. Credit Insurance & Receivables Finance : "Je t'aime, moi non plus"?

  30. The Impact of Brexit on the Factoring Industry, 3 years later.

  31. WOA Community Members receive access to UK Finance Distant Learning Programme on Invoice Finance and ABL

  32. Company Showcase : CRIF

  33. Artificial Intelligence and Factoring - an upcoming revolution?

  34. Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

  35. Blockchain x credit insurance = ?

  36. Credit Risk Mitigation, Capital Relief and Insurance Guarantees

  37. Legal Considerations for Factors & Receivable Financiers

  38. The 5 Cs of Tactical Risk Management

  39. Who Guards the Guards?

  40. Is Fintech the new DotCom bubble?

  41. Factoring and Commercial Finance : a White Paper

  42. Crossing Borders, Managing Risk: Analysing the impact of globalisation on ABL

  43. Factors and Actors : A Global Perspective on the Present, Past and Future of Factoring

  44. Company Showcase : Atlantic Risk Management

  45. Introduction to Factoring

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