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Distributed Ledger technology or blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing, Big Data,... every day brings its stream of new technology and “disruptive models” that will also influence or can even dramatically change the way Receivables Finance is being conducted. This WOA Lab is therefore meant as a “Community Observatory” of Fintech evolutions and ideas and to report / challenge / influence the community.


  1. A New World? Global Trends and Challenges for Receivables and Asset Based Finance

  2. Virgin Money partners with Fintech Trade Ledger as part of a new business banking proposition

  3. Trade Ledger joins WOA

  4. Digital Bills of Exchange in Open Account

  5. WOA kicks off the New Year

  6. WOA events in 2021

  7. TFG and WTO Launch Updated DLT & Trade Periodic Table, upgrading stage of maturity of the projects

  8. Unique power of risk experts beats the crisis – SCHUMANN Network

  9. Fintechs turn to Blockchain to Boost Invoice Transparency

  10. WOA holds its ground-breaking online conference “Per aspera ad astra!”

  11. Dancerace joins World of Open Account

  12. Commodities Exchange Turns To Blockchain to Increase Funding For African Farmers

  13. Per aspera ad astra! WOA 2020 meets by Zoom on 6. October

  14. Are our “heads out of the sand?”

  15. Tokenisation and Digital Assets: Replay and presentations of the webcast now available

  16. WOA 2020 Conference Program announced

  17. XinFin joins WOA - the World of Open Account community

  18. SCHUMANN Credit Risk Management Conference 2020 on 1st October

  19. WOA 2020 Conference goes virtual

  20. Alternative Finance : Tokenisation and Digital Assets

  21. Go Online, young man!

  22. Catalyzing Positive Change: business lending in the post-pandemic era

  23. The evolution of trade distribution practices and implications for technology platforms

  24. WOA launches new Learning Lab on Alternative Finance

  25. A Tour in the World of Funding Platforms : Replay and presentations of the webcast now available

  26. A Tour in the World of Funding Platforms

  27. Accelerated Payments appoint international financier Steve Box, as Covid-19 increases demand for invoice financing

  28. Mastercard and Octet Europe enable European small businesses to thrive in the global economy

  29. Replay available of webcast on the role of Alternative Financiers post Covid-19

  30. Replay available of WOA webcast on innovations in Receivables Finance

  31. Working capital for SMEs: the role of alternative lenders and receivables platforms as we face COVID-19

  32. Webinar: Update on Innovations in Receivables Finance 28 April 2020 15:00 CET

  33. Trade Finance Market appoints ex FIMBank President Margrith Lütschg Emmenegger as COO to develop and execute its trade finance growth strategy

  34. Credit risk management of factoring companies in the Corona crisis

  35. European Commission publishes study on Supply Chain Finance

  36. SCHUMANN reports successful business year 2019

  37. The SME lending landscape in 2020

  38. Blockchain & DLT In Trade: A Reality Check

  39. WOA events first half 2020

  40. How to invest in Receivables?

  41. Enabling growth with efficient and scalable IT solutions

  42. ConsolFreight Releases New Proof of Concept That Promises to Advance the Role of Logistics Providers in Trade Finance

  43. WOA New Year's Event : 16th of January 2020 at DLA Piper in London

  44. The Originate-and-Distribute Model : wrap-up of the 2019 sessions

  45. Only two weeks left to register for the WOA Convention!

  46. Innovation @work @WOA convention

  47. Port of Antwerp: behind the scenes of one of the biggest Supply Chain hubs in the world

  48. Securitisation as a Service

  49. Octet Europe is now open for business!

  50. The Physical Supply Chain meets the Financial Supply Chain in Antwerp on 8th October

  51. WOA cooperates with e-invoicing Exchange Summit

  52. Interview with Dr. Lawrence Ma (YC 84), President of The Hong Kong Blockchain Society in The Politic

  53. WOA Community Convention 7-8 October

  54. Meet the Experts: FinTechs and Open Account Trade

  55. efcom launches new website as a platform: all about innovative factoring software.

  56. Fintech summer news: people, machine learning and transaction data

  57. VTB Factoring and Venture Engineering Lab launch Supply Chain Finance platform GetFinance

  58. Receivables as an Asset Class : Credit Risk Transparency

  59. Seizing Opportunities in Receivables Finance through Innovation

  60. The Physical Supply Chain meets the Financial Supply Chain

  61. Octet Europe is looking for business partners

  62. How Technology can improve Risk Management

  63. The Investor's perspective: Reasons and Ways for non-bank investors to invest in receivables

  64. 4 inspiring and free web-meetings in May and June (and 1 ground-breaking convention in October)

  65. WOA welcomes Schumann as new Company Support Member and Sponsor of the WOA Convention

  66. Realism and cool-headed common sense

  67. Artificial Intelligence : How it Can Transform Receivables Finance Risk Management

  68. More free WOA webinars announced

  69. Major Trends in SCF in 2019 : video replay and podcast available

  70. Tinubu Square joins WOA as Supporting Premium Member

  71. Blockchain and AI in Receivables Finance : watch the replay of the WOA web-meeting

  72. Replay available of WOA's second e-meeting on Receivables as an Asset Class

  73. What Is 5G?

  74. What's next in AI?

  75. Trade platforms, smart contracts and IoT

  76. The End of Balance Sheet Lending?

  77. In disruptive innovation, corporate structure matters

  78. Distributed AI – A new way of industry cooperation in receivables finance

  79. Deep Learning in Trade Finance

  80. The Blockchain and Trade and Receivables Finance

  81. What is Blockchain Technology

  82. Replay available of WOA's first e-meeting on Receivables as an Asset Class

  83. How to think about Innovation

  84. Tradeteq partners with WOA for "receivables as an investment class" Learning Lab

  85. How To Accelerate Enterprise Adoption Of Blockchain

  86. First WOA e-roundtable on Blockchain and AI

  87. Free WOA web-meeting on Receivables as an Asset Class

  88. 2019 Fintech Trends to watch

  89. The Era of Open Banking – Opportunities and Challenges 2019

  90. Basics of Artificial Intelligence - webchat by Igor Zaks

  91. Company Showcase : TenzorAI

  92. UnifiedPost joins World of Open Account

  93. 14 Trends Shaping Tech in 2019 - Report from CB Insights

  94. Artificial Intelligence and Factoring - an upcoming revolution?

  95. How Blockchain could disrupt banking

  96. Foot in Mouth : 42 quotes from big Corporate Execs who laughed off Disruption when it hit

  97. What's next in Blockchain

  98. Are Fintech companies ready for Factoring?

  99. The 5th UK Alternative Finance Industry Report

  100. Technology for Transparency

  101. Fintech Platforms Report

  102. The Next Wave of Fintech

  103. B2B Fintech: Payments, Supply Chain Finance and E-invoicing Market Guide 2018

  104. Cryptocurrencies and Public Policy : Key Questions and answers

  105. Blockchain and Trade

  106. How Blockchain Is Disrupting Insurance

  107. Blockchain x credit insurance = ?

  108. Is Fintech the new DotCom bubble?

  109. Factors and Actors : A Global Perspective on the Present, Past and Future of Factoring

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