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Open Account Receivables Financing is in a different stage of maturity across different markets and regions. All these markets have one aspect in common: receivables finance is an excellent tool for financing SMEs and the real economy, thus contributing to the creation of jobs and economic growth. With this learning lab, the WOA community will organize its efforts to collect useful and reliable data. Data that can support the development in new markets and can illustrate the economic impact of receivables financing.


  1. Receivables Financing and Africa

  2. WOA New Year's Event : 16th of January 2020 at DLA Piper in London

  3. Trade Finance Talks Issue 3 published today

  4. Only two weeks left to register for the WOA Convention!

  5. The Old Co New Co Collect out Trap

  6. West Africa : a market overview

  7. Meet the Experts Part 5 : Invoice Discounting

  8. South Pacific Region: a market overview by Simon Thompson

  9. Meet the Experts Part 4 : Factoring

  10. Emerging and Developing Markets for Factoring - Opportunities and Challenges

  11. Serbia : a market overview

  12. Russia : a market overview

  13. WOA Community Convention 7-8 October

  14. Latam Trade Capital acquires Grupo Factoring de Occidente S.A., furthering Latin America expansion in Colombia and Andean Region

  15. India : a market overview

  16. DLA Piper's Finance Rules of the World now accessible through the WOA platform

  17. EGYPT : a market overview

  18. Hugues ADOU of Banque Atlantique Côte d’Ivoire presents himself to the WOA community

  19. Bosnia and Herzegovina : Opportunities and Challenges for Factoring

  20. CDC Group joins World of Open Account

  21. EUF publishes updated Whitepaper on the Factoring Industry in Europe

  22. Emerging and Developing Markets for Factoring - Opportunities and Challenges

  23. Seizing Opportunities in Receivables Finance through Innovation

  24. The Physical Supply Chain meets the Financial Supply Chain

  25. GTR US 2019 - Chicago

  26. WOA takes part in EU Workshop on SCF

  27. Setting up and Growing a Receivables Finance Operation

  28. Tennis star Justine Henin Keynote Opening speaker at WOA’s inaugural Conference in Antwerp, 7-8 October 2019

  29. Finalists Announced for GTR UK Export Action Plan Showcase

  30. Survival tips for managing cash flow during the upcoming economic downturn

  31. The Lebanese Credit Insurer (LCI) joins WOA

  32. UK ABL under Threat from the return of Government Preference

  33. More free WOA webinars announced

  34. Don't suffer Factoring Fraud

  35. Major Trends in SCF in 2019 : video replay and podcast available

  36. Visolent India joins WOA as Premium Company Member

  37. Octet Europe joins WOA as Company Member

  38. WOA Community welcomes Bibby Financial Services Europe

  39. Dutch Finance Lab joins WOA as Premium Company Member

  40. Innovation Finance UK joins WOA as Premium Company Member

  41. 2019 Trends and Challenges in SCF : join a free WOA e-roundtable on 21 March

  42. The Impact of Brexit on the Factoring Industry, 3 years later.

  43. First WOA Convention announced

  44. Central and Eastern Europe: a fast-growing factoring market

  45. Navigating a World of Increasing Disruption in the Factoring Industry

  46. The Era of Open Banking – Opportunities and Challenges 2019

  47. Asset-based finance helps SMEs to grow and presents clear opportunities for challenger banks

  48. Globalization in transition: The Future of Trade and Value Chains

  49. Perspectives and insights on Asset Based Lending - ABL

  50. Simon Thompson

  51. FactorPlus, Caribbean joins WOA as Premium Company Member

  52. Factoring Survey in EBRD's countries of operation

  53. Legal Considerations for Factors & Receivable Financiers

  54. Who Guards the Guards?

  55. The golden age of UK ABL?

  56. Some interesting reads from PrimaDollar

  57. Factors and Actors : A Global Perspective on the Present, Past and Future of Factoring

  58. WTO working paper on SCF

  59. Highlights of OECD report on financing SMEs and entrepreneurs in 2018

  60. Statistics on factoring and commercial finance in Europe

  61. Introduction to Factoring

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