A New Dawn...

A New Dawn...

18 September 2023 by Erik Timmermans

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It’s already more than five years since we launched our WOA-World of Open Account. A bold and innovative initiative aiming at all professionals active or interested in receivables finance. Open and accessible for all. Collaboration-based. Digitally driven. Focused on innovation and knowledge. WOA’s ambition has been to offer a completely new way of industry cooperation. An alternative to organisations where only the happy few can be involved and only a limited number of topics can be discussed.

We were one of the first users of a new community communication tool, a webinar system called Zoom that then most people had not even heard of, let alone used... and we managed to gather thousands of participants from all over the world on an extensive list of topics related to innovation in Receivables Finance. We have been blessed with the powerful support of volunteers, advisors and members, which has allowed us to keep punching above our weight and to grow into a relevant stakeholder in the industry (and to create some envy and nervousness amongst traditional players...).

Now after more than five years of non-stop devotion to WOA, we have taken the decision to retire at the end of this year 2023. We believe it is time for new energies, new views, new innovative ways of interacting with the community of Open Account professionals.

As a result, WOA-World of Open Account (and its website woa.community) will cease all activity at the end of this year, but the WOA concept and spirit will continue to shine and be developed by Olena Gryniuk, owner and CEO of SME Banking Club who will take forward the baton with a new entity WOA Digital.

You will hear soon more about this initiative, and we hope you will all support Olena in the same way (or even more) than you supported us.

It is impossible to thank everyone personally who believed in WOA and helped us in creating this vibrant community. So, forgive us when we use this channel to say a big THANK YOU!

Erik Timmermans -  John Brehcist

Co-founders World of Open Account


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