CEE23 SME Banking Conference and Awards

CEE23 SME Banking Conference and Awards

11 September 2023 by John Brehcist

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This partner conference will take place on November 29-30 in Krakow Poland

November 29th Pre-Conference Day

The Conference will start on November 29 at 15.00 CET with several workshops designed for the participants interested in learning specific topics in detail.

Workshops will be available only for participants registered for in-person attendance.  After workshops, we will welcome you at the Manggha restaurant for the Networking Dinner located in the Museum of Japanese Art and Technology Manggha, with a great view of Wawel Castle.

November 30th Main Conference Day

Panels and presentations will start at 10.00 CET in the ICE Kraków Congress Center in Kraków (Poland), and online – on smebanking.tv.
Olena Gryniuk – CEE Director at the SME Banking Club, will be a Conference Host.
Check the detailed conference lineup here.


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