WOA Events in 2023

WOA Events in 2023

16 December 2022 by John Brehcist


WOA is looking forward to an active series of events in 2023 and as a member driven community, this programme will build and develop throughout the year.

But already you can put these planned events in your diary and sign up for world class information, discussion and debate. And you can register for them now on our Events page.

Tuesday 21 February (3-4 PM CET): Webinar: The critical roles of Credit Risk Assessment and Insurance in turbulent times, and their relationship with Receivables Finance – Innovative ways to cooperate. We explore the relationships and their key impact in the current environment. 

Tuesday 21 March (3-4 PM CET): Quickpaid cases studies –developing innovative ways for cooperation in cross-border factoring. WOA member ABS Global Factoring will share their experiences to date.

Tuesday 25 April (3-4 PM CEST) State of the Nation in relation to SCF and Receivables Finance. We will look at the latest trends, issues and opportunities in this rapidly changing environment.

These are free to attend, so don’t hesitate to join in.


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