WOA Innovation Briefing on Supply Chain Futures

WOA Innovation Briefing on Supply Chain Futures

27 September 2022 by John Brehcist

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Continuing the conversation from the WOA Annual Convention in Mainz

At WOA’s successful and well received 2022 Annual Convention in Mainz, delegates and presenters discussed the ever-increasing complexity of the markets, together with the challenges and opportunities these create. Alongside the seismic shock of the situation in Ukraine, the impact of sanctions and the disruption of energy supply markets, the nature and vulnerability of supply chains is at the fore of thinking. What can we expect to see and what are the implications for the Supply Chain Finance & Receivables Finance Industries?

Join this free to view Innovation Briefing with Industry experts Steven van der Hooft (Capital Chains), Lionel Taylor (Trade Advisory Network) and Richard Hawkins (Atlantic Risk Management) who will join John Brehcist (WOA) to take an in-depth journey through the issues and implications in this currently challenging and volatile environment.

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