Access to UK Finance’s world class training for WOA members

Access to UK Finance’s world class training for WOA members

28 July 2022 by John Brehcist

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In association with UK Finance, WOA is delighted to announce that WOA members now have access to the full range of UK Finance educational and training offerings at UK Finance Member rates, which are significantly discounted from their non-member rates.

This means that as a WOA member, you can access some of the world’s most advanced training which has been developed over many years in this key world market, and which covers all aspects of the open account receivables finance world at very competitive prices.

Courses of particular interest to the WOA Community include four levels of content on Invoice Finance and Asset Based Lending.

Other courses, training materials and updates, which cover a very wide range of related relevant finance facing topics are also available, including on issues like targeted governance, risk and compliance, with easy-to-use learning technology to help.

Please note that courses are presented with the UK Legal environment as the default position and of course some adaptation to other local situations may be necessary. However, the central principles and best practice approaches transcend borders, and we at WOA believe this training is the broadest based and highest quality Industry related training that is publicly available anywhere.

WOA members wishing to participate in this exceptional offer should contact and mention their membership when applying.
More information and detail on the courses is available here.


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