Platformication & embedded Finance

Platformication & embedded Finance

5 May 2022 by Erik Timmermans

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Replay of Innovation Briefing now available for Premium members

Platformification and embedded finance as a growing trend in receivables finance was the subject of our Premium Members only C-suite webinar discussion on Tuesday 3rd May.

WOA Co-founder John Brehcist was joined by acclaimed Industry experts Joachim Hermansson, Roger Vincent and Simon Featherstone for a lively discussion on the nature of the solutions, their rise and why they are in the forefront of developments now.

The potential impact and disruption that such solutions create, and the support and benefits they can bring were openly debated in this wide ranging agenda.

WOA members can download this well received session for review ; if you want to be part of these thought provoking discussions for the future, please join WOA as a Premium Member and become part of the debate.  


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