Intermarket Bank AG, Austria becomes WOA Company Premium Member

Intermarket Bank AG, Austria becomes WOA Company Premium Member

10 January 2022 by Erik Timmermans

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Intermarket Bank AG is a group member company of Erste Bank Group AG and it specialises in supply chain finance.

Drawing on its strong background of expertise, it is one of the top specialists in receivables financing in the Austrian market. With more than 50 years of experience in finance, great service quality and with transparent products and services, Intermarket Bank supports companies to help them increase their financial flexibility and security.

Intermarket Bank’s activities extend all over Austria and the entire CEE region, where it closely cooperates with the network of banks within the Erste Group. This enables the offering of cross-border solutions for the trading activities of Intermarket Bank’s corporate customers.

Sebastian Erich, CEO of Intermarket Bank has always been an ambassador for the industry and a strong advocate of the importance of cooperation in order to grow factoring in Europe and to see its place at the table of finance that it deserves.

Sebastian was already involved as individual WOA member, so it is great news to see that his colleagues will now also become involved in the community.

A warm welcome to Intermarket Bank!


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