World of Open Account reaches a three-year milestone and looks to the future

World of Open Account reaches a three-year milestone and looks to the future

17 December 2021 by Erik Timmermans

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WOA has now been a feature of the Receivables and Trade Finance global arena for three years.

For nearly half the time since WOA started, the world has been under some form of lockdown or control because of the global pandemic. And when we started, we were real pioneers of the online webinar service Zoom; very few had heard of this method of communication!  How the world has changed!

But despite the challenges that this unique environment has created, we have made real progress, and the numbers tell their own story:

  • We have 1100 actively engaged individuals within the Community
  • We have held 50 online meetings, panel discussions and events
  • And have met physically on 5 separate occasions
  • 400 web postings – communication on average every three days
  • 40 Premium Company and Supporting Service Provider Members

For the future, the focus as ever is about innovation and creating even more value for members.

We are introducing a series of Premium Member Innovation Briefings where panels will share information, ideas and thought leadership on the latest developments and opportunities which are specifically targeted at, and for the benefit of, our Premium Members.

We will also continue with our “open to all” approach sharing briefings and webinars on topics of general interest for all Community members.

Our focus will also be on bringing access to more added value business solutions to Members to help them to network, to do more business and to expand their operations.

Throughout all we do, we will hold true to our key values of being open, accessible and available to all interested stakeholders in the Receivables and Open Account Industries. So no silos, no financial barriers, no one dimensional focus. And as we are driven by our Community Members, no high-cost bureaucratic centre. Open to all, available to all.

So if you are with us already, you are very welcome. If you are new to us, come, join in and be part of the community!

Here’s to the next three years!


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