Frank GUAN joins WOA Steering Panel

Frank GUAN joins WOA Steering Panel

7 December 2021 by Erik Timmermans


WOA is delighted to announce a Memorandum of Understanding with Mr Frank Guan to develop activities and cooperation between each other.

我们(WOA)  十分高兴的宣布,与Frank Guan先生签署合作备忘录,共同推进双方的合作。

Frank is an important figure in the independent factoring space in China; he is Managing Director of the International Trade Finance Committee (ITFC) affiliated to Shanghai Pudong International Finance Institute, which connects to 1300 memberships of banks and financial institutions and 3200 non-banking financial companies in China (

He also has a number of other roles:

  • Head of International Factoring Promotion Working Group affiliated with China Factoring Expertise Committee (CFEC,
  • Risk Committee Board Member of China Factoring Expertise Committee (CFEC,
  • Dean of Shanghai Dag Blockchain Academy (

With 18 years of experience, primarily in cross border working capital finance, international supply chain finance, cross border project financing, risk management, international settlements, corporate management, executive leadership; Frank has also been the General Manager of China International Factoring Co., Ltd, the leading International Factoring company in China for years.

Finally, we welcome Frank to the WOA Steering Committee to represent the interests of WOA’s Chinese members.

我们(WOA)  十分高兴的宣布,与Frank Guan先生签署合作备忘录,共同推进双方的合作。

Frank Guan先生在中国,在国际保理领域具有很高的知名度。他是上海浦东国际金融学会国际贸易金融专业委员会的主任,该学会有着1300银行会员和3200家非银行的金融机构会员。

Frank Guan先生同时是:中国服务贸易协会商业保理专委会国际保理课题组组长、风险委员会委员,上海玳鸽保理和供应链区块链研究院院长。

Frank Guan先生在国际应收帐款融资、国际供应链金融、跨境项目管理、风险管理、国际结算、公司管理等方面具有18年的丰富经验。他曾是中金汇理商业保理有限公司的总经理。

最后,让我们再一次欢Frank Guan先生代表中国的同仁加入WOA Steering Committee


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