WOA 2021 Community Convention in Vienna

WOA 2021 Community Convention in Vienna

7 October 2021 by Erik Timmermans

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We made it!

The much anticipated and long awaited WOA Annual Convention has taken place on a special sunlit autumn day in Vienna. The organizers, sponsors and all of our attendees were delighted to be taking part in the first international Open Account Receivables Finance face to face meeting since the start of the pandemic two years ago.

The conference programme brought together an unparalleled range of thought leaders and industry experts from across the whole spectrum of open account business.

Around a theme of new times and new opportunities, delegates shared their ideas and experiences in live discussion and debate around topics such as embedded finance, platformication, interoperability, ESG, the need for new forms of cooperation and legal/regulatory harmonization.

Starting with an icebreaker reception on Monday 4th of October, the conference proper on Tuesday 5th was a full day held in the impressive auditorium of Raiffeisen International Bank.

The gathering concluded in the evening with a networking dinner, very kindly organized by Raiffeisen Factor Bank, our main conference sponsor partner, to whom we are completely indebted.

Feedback has been powerful, positive and emotional; everyone was delighted to be able to meet together again in the real world and to network, catch up with old friends and make new acquaintances and business contacts.

Thanks to everyone who attended and especially to our sponsors who helped make it possible: Adamant Lane, Atradius Collections, Codix, efcom, HPD Lendscape and Schumann.

A great success!

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