Trade Ledger ScotPac Alliance

Trade Ledger ScotPac Alliance

8 September 2021 by John Brehcist

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WOA Community Member Trade Ledger has joined forces with ScotPac, Australia and New Zealand’s largest non-bank SME lender, to create a market-leading origination and underwriting experience for business funding. 

This partnership between Trade Ledger and ScotPac demonstrates the game-changing scope of the Trade Ledger platform for business lenders and their customers, dramatically reducing application turnaround times.

ScotPac is using Trade Ledger’s data-driven lending platform to unlock all types of working capital and business lending products for SMEs who cannot always easily access finance. The Trade Ledger platform was piloted on ScotPac’s asset finance offering and has been a hit with business owners and brokers, achieving a 90% reduction in application turnaround time and a 300% growth in new business volume in the past 12 months.

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