Trade Ledger On Line Event

Trade Ledger On Line Event

1 July 2021 by John Brehcist


Trade Ledger webinar: Business Lending - data and bias in decision making

What stops business lenders from making the right decisions?
Is there bias – in bankers' minds or in the decision algorithms they use?

Join Martin McCann, Co-founder and CEO of multi-award winning company Trade Ledger, as he talks with Tobias Baer, an independent senior advisor to financial institutions and fintechs and a scholar cooperating with the University of Cambridge, 21 July at 10am BST.

 By the end of this discussion, you’ll walk away with a clear understanding of:
- what types of data are most useful when making lending decisions
- the £5.4 trillion SME lending missed opportunity and how data-driven lending can overcome it
- what algorithmic bias is and how to avoid it
- what the business lender of the future will look like

Sign up here: Business lending: data and bias in decision making 

Event date: 21//7/21
Speakers: Martin McCann, Co-founder & CEO of Trade Ledger
Tobias Baer, Independent advisor to financial institutions and fintech
Time: 10am BST
Format: Virtual live webinar
Length: 45 mins 




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