Where will the markets go post pandemic?

Where will the markets go post pandemic?

11 May 2021 by Erik Timmermans

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WOA has two webinars coming up that are essential viewing if you want to be up to date with trends and developments in the open account marketplace.

In the first on 25th May, Igor Zaks (Tenzor) and Lionel Taylor (Trade Advisory Network) will join Antonio Salgueiro (Four Cardinal Points) and John Brehcist (WOA) to take an in depth look at what’s happening in global markets, looking at the key issues: plans and reactions to emergence from lock downs and recessions, ongoing digitisation, the safety (or otherwise) of assets as a class, changes to trade flows, the role of insurance…

The second session on June 1st focuses on the role of alternative finance providers as suppliers in the evolving marketplace. Steve Box and Ian Watson (both of Channel Capital) will join Andre Casterman (Casterman Advisory) and John Brehcist (WOA). Company cash conversion cycles continue to expand at a time when levels of government support in advanced economies begins to unwind - it has never been more important to consider how this growing working capital gap will be met and what role alternative lenders are set to play…

Don’t miss these key sessions and their thought leadership; be part of the discussion. There are still some spaces available - so sign up now before they go!


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