WOA Survey on the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic on the RF Industry.

WOA Survey on the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic on the RF Industry.

15 January 2021 by Erik Timmermans


WOA has run again its unique survey of the RF industry attitudes and reactions to the COVID 19 Pandemic. Following the initial survey in May 2020, we wanted to see how attitudes had developed and evolved and asked our respondents to look again at their positions as at December 2020.

As before, we asked them ten questions on the impact of the pandemic to gauge how business has been affected, to consider changes in demand, processes, staffing levels, to measure sentiment and expectations, and to compare this overall position to that expressed earlier in the year.

The detailed responses can be seen in the attached presentation, together with statistically adjusted confidence ranges for the expected answers for the whole industry, as opposed to those offered by our sample.

The overall impact on Industry volumes is significant – the distribution remains similar as before, and it’s clear that the effect is still unevenly spread. There have been winners and losers throughout this time.

Most businesses have shown an increased focus on operational activities and home working – and this has clearly been maintained since the time of the original survey.

And some enterprises have adapted further, although for nearly half of respondents, the original changes have proved sufficient to meet their ongoing needs.

One piece of really positive news is that most companies have been able to continue to maintain their staffing levels and have not so far had to lay people off.

Confidence about the future remains mixed, although for most the overall picture is reasonably sanguine with, for most, concern still being reported as moderate or low level.

And although quite unsurprisingly many remain unsure about the future, there has been an overall improvement in confidence levels about the impact since May.

That said, there has been little change in the perception of how long it will take to recover – except of course we are six months further on… Recovery is still being seen as a medium to long-term goal.

A large majority believe that the changes made in their businesses will be permanent, although this proportion has reduced from the overwhelming 85% in May to 65% now. Perhaps some of the old ways are being missed, like face-to-face contact…This time the respondents were asked about the impact of governmental interventions for their Industry, and the responses were lukewarm to strongly negative regarding these approaches. The Industry has not so far been impressed with the activities and outcomes.

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