WOA 2020 Conference goes virtual

WOA 2020 Conference goes virtual

16 August 2020 by Erik Timmermans

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Join us by Zoom on Tuesday 6th of October 2020!

The World of Open Account is an online digital community; our purpose is to connect people in a low cost, technology supported and easy access way to the world’s experts, information, networks and learning. But we all like the human touch too. And that is why we organise our WOA Annual Conferences, this year to be held in Vienna in October.

When we made the decision to proceed earlier in the year, we had hoped that the pandemic would by now have been fully in retreat and people would have been safe and felt comfortable meeting up together. Unfortunately, as everyone knows, the situation in many countries has recently significantly deteriorated as control measures which had been relaxed are now being re-introduced.

Much as we would like to have the opportunity to meet you in person, we recognise that in the current climate this simply is not going to be possible this year.

So instead, we are delighted to invite you to a half-day online conference which will give you the opportunity to connect with peers and to hear from Industry experts on a range of relevant strategic topics. Hear how people are adapting to the challenges and opportunities. How they are building their capabilities, re-organising their resources.

Some people talk about the “new normal”. Frankly, we don’t think there is any normal just now. We think we need to talk about how to adapt, how to support, how to make things happen. If you think this way too, come and join us on Tuesday 6th October.

Better still, attendance is free for existing and new WOA Members or by invitation from one of the conference sponsors.

A detailed program will be published soon. More information on our registration page here.

We look forward to meeting with you!


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