Webcast on International Receivables Finance - Tuesday 19 May

Webcast on International Receivables Finance - Tuesday 19 May

11 May 2020 by Erik Timmermans

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Challenges and Opportunities for International Business in disrupted times - and how to address them

As we all know, both economically and commercially, the world has been dramatically affected in the last few weeks in ways that probably few imagined.

We are all looking to see how to move forward.

On Tuesday, 19 May 2020 from 15:00 to 16:00 CET, António Salgueiro hosts the debate between John Brehcist, Peter Brinsley, John Bugeja, Gideon Jones and Igor Zaks, looking at the issues and considering some of the options that are available.

We will be addressing questions like:

  • What are the trends in International RF business and how are these now expected to evolve?
  • How can we best use receivables and SC finance for international business in these times?
  • What are specific challenges brought by the Coronavirus crisis?
  • What is the evolving role of credit insurance?
  • What are the opportunities following this time of crisis?

Please join us for the discussion and debate - register here


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