“WOA Together” and the Covid-19 crisis

“WOA Together” and the Covid-19 crisis

28 March 2020 by Erik Timmermans


The impact of the unprecedented Covid-19 crisis is affecting us all, with no-one and nowhere secure or untouched. It is proving devastating on a personal, cultural and economic basis and unfortunately, for now there is no clear exit, no obvious solution.

So all of us have been asking what we can do to make a difference.

Here at WOA we don’t pretend to have any simple answers, but what we do believe is that our digital platform gives everyone in the Open Account world the opportunity to connect, communicate and share information, ideas and suggestions that can help sustain and rebuild trade and economies.

Anyone can participate and you don’t have to be a member of one organisation or another, you don’t have to fit any particular profile.

For these reasons we believe we can make a contribution. For the duration of the crisis, we have decided to offer our Premium Membership for no cost, to anyone, corporate or individual, in the Open Account world, wherever you are on the planet.

As premium WOA members, companies and professionals in the industry can without limitation collaborate through WOA Search and WOA Forum:

  • offer support and assistance to peer companies worldwide
  • post questions (and answers!) to leverage experience from the community in matters related to these exceptional market circumstances
  • cooperate with the publication of joint position statements
  • share best practices and experiences
  • make use of free web-meetings (and take initiatives to develop web-meetings on specific topics) to share information and best practices
  • offer valuable knowledge resources to investors/ policy makers/ market players about our working capital solutions: how these can and should be used as tool for reconstruction of the disrupted Supply Chains, provide oxygen to international trade, support SMEs with working capital and support economic recovery and jobs.

Our IT partners Procurios have joined in our efforts and as their contribution have set up an App for us all to make these interactions even easier.

There are no conditions or catches, we just want the WOA platform to do what it does best - to get people anywhere together online and able to share and talk.

We do this in a spirit of community and so also open the offer to any representative organisation to share this with their memberships. Because this isn’t about competition, this is about cooperation in a desperate time of need.

Be part of the WOA "Together" initiative: register now and invite all your colleagues to do the same

Thank you.

The Team at WOA


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