Another important step for WOA in China

Another important step for WOA in China

15 March 2020 by Erik Timmermans


World of Open Account (WOA) and International Trade Financing Commission (ITFC) sign a strategic cooperation agreement.

ITFC is an organization affiliated to Shanghai Pudong International Finance Institute that connects to 1300 memberships of financial institutions and 3200 financial companies in China. Its main role is to promote international trade finance and to improve access to information and networking amongst market players.

Through this strategic cooperation agreement, ITFC and WOA will work closely together to increase knowledge and awareness about international trade finance within their respective communities. The cooperation also intends to facilitate collaboration between financial institutions to develop their cross-border capacities.

The cooperation with ITFC is managed by its Director and WOA member : China International Finance Co. Ltd (SINOIF : ).


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