WOA events first half 2020

WOA events first half 2020

27 November 2019 by Erik Timmermans

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5 new web-meetings announced for next year.

By the end of this year WOA will have delivered 2 physical meetings (launch and convention) and 14 web-meetings: by comparison, this brings us at the same level of activity as a well-known traditional association (16 events) but we have delivered our programme at a fraction of costs in terms of committee meetings, travel, carbon footprint etc. This is truly an achievement in a time where everyone is becoming actively more conscious of the environmental and economic impact of our day to day activities. 

And we delivered content that does really matter for professionals in the industry, the feedback from our activities has been overwhelmingly positive. In 2020 we will of course continue to deliver first class content. Most of our events are free to attend, delivered by volunteer experts and easily accessible from everywhere in the world: do check them out in the attached overview or go to the events page on the website.



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