WOA Convention in Antwerp: Satisfaction Survey points to overwhelming success

WOA Convention in Antwerp: Satisfaction Survey points to overwhelming success

11 October 2019 by Erik Timmermans


Feedback from attendees at the Convention shows that the delivery and content was first class and more than met expectations.

4 out of 5 respondents described the general experience as excellent or very good, with no-one scoring fair or poor.

The decision to bring in Justine Henin to share her stories of working for success proved very well received; her opening discussion was chosen as the top session by 80% of attendees.

A similar figure scored the networking opportunities as “excellent or very good”, with just 2% scored “fair”, and none scoring poor.

Not only was the content first class, the organisation was considered exceptional; “excellent or very good” for 95% of participants. Nobody scored less than good.

And for the future, 80% again said that they will “certainly or likely” attend next year’s meeting.

General feedback praised the great networking and friendly and authentic atmosphere, the fluid pace of the day, the compact programme, the level of organisation, interesting speakers and the broad and inclusive approach.

Many ideas for the next Convention were shared and we will be pleased to adopt them. The key area for development is diversity; in age, in gender, in business spread. We agree; and if every Convention attendee can persuade someone in each of these categories to come join WOA, we will rapidly achieve that goal!

Erik Timmermans, John Brehcist and the WOA Steering Panel thank everyone who attended and for all their helpful and supportive feedback.


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