Last Call to register for the WOA Convention in Antwerp 7-8 October

Last Call to register for the WOA Convention in Antwerp 7-8 October

25 September 2019 by Erik Timmermans

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If you haven't registered yet, now is your last chance to attend the most important receivables finance event of the year.

Join thought leaders in Antwerp, Belgium and discuss topics that truly matter for your business:

  • How to grow your receivables finance business?
  • What are the expectations for the world economy (and world trade) in the current enviroment?
  • How is the financial supply chain being integrated with the physical supply chain and how that affects your business models?
  • What are the major trends in innovation in receivables finance, SME Finance, SCF?
  • What will be the impact of the latest Moody's publication on Reverse Factoring?
  • What to expect from the EU Commission report on removing barriers to SCF and what will be the influence on the regulatory and legal environment for receivables finance in the EU?

And of course you will have plenty of opportunity to network with your peers during the welcome reception, coffee and lunch breaks and closing dinner.

Don’t miss out on being part of the new wave in the open account community! 

We look forward to seeing you in Antwerp!

Erik Timmermans  &  John Brehcist

WOA-Founder           WOA-Director


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