The Physical Supply Chain meets the Financial Supply Chain in Antwerp on 8th October

The Physical Supply Chain meets the Financial Supply Chain in Antwerp on 8th October

7 September 2019 by Erik Timmermans

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Absolute top-panel moderated by Anthony Brown. Register now and join more than 100 global thought leaders in Open Account Receivables and Supply Chain Finance in Anwerp, Belgium on 7-8 October.

Today, companies don’t compete, their supply chains do.  With the speed of digital transformation, the release of data once trapped in functional silos (procurement, finance, logistics, risk) end-to-end trade is now more visible, financeable and less risky. The panel of expert practitioners will provide practical and valuable tools for traders, logistics companies, lenders and IT platforms by spotlighting current and future solutions that are made possible by integrating physical and financial supply chains.

Topics for discussion include:

  • Harnessing the global office footprint and data of logistics providers to help trade financiers finance pre-shipment manufacturing costs
  • Helping traders to use goods in transit as collateral for inventory finance while adding value to commoditized logistics services
  • Leveraging customs agents’ tariff and Customs entry expertise to provide “just-in-time” financing that ensures inventory levels are kept as lean as possible to conserve cash
  • Optimizing financial efficiency by releasing capital trapped in inventory, payables and receivables
  • Helping suppliers compete through better use of delivery and payment terms
  • Minimizing performance, credit, trade and payment risks by mining data resident in extended supply chains

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