WOA Convention in Antwerp : A World of Opportunities for you

WOA Convention in Antwerp : A World of Opportunities for you

27 August 2019 by Erik Timmermans

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The first WOA conference in Antwerp, Belgium is approaching fast (7-8 October). We already have 90 participants confirmed and are expecting significant additional registrations in the coming weeks.


Here is a short list of companies that already have confirmed during the summer: ABN AMRO Commercial Finance UK – Arviem - Atlantic Risk Management Services – Atradius - BETTE WESTENBERGER BRINK - BNP Paribas Fortis Factor - Business Money - Capital Chains - CARD & COMPANY – CODIX – CRIF - Direct Pay Belgium bvba - DLA Piper - Dutch Finance Lab BV – efcom - Equiniti Riskfactor – Finexcap - Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance - HPD Software - Intermarket Bank – Lockton - Novicap - Octet Europe – October - Omnigrade – Polytra – PrimaDollar - Raiffeisen Factor Bank – ruvercap – Schumann - Solaris Bank – STENN - Telegroup Finance DOO Beograd - Tinubu Square - UnifiedPost - United Capital Funding - 

4 out of 5 participants have the title CEO or Founder, which illustrates our intention to attract thought leaders and organize a meeting that will create new insights and interesting business for all.

Don’t miss out on being part of the new wave in the open account community! This conference will embrace all aspects of the open account world - and explore the opportunities open to traditional and new, to domestic and international, to all asset classes.


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