Emerging and Developing Markets for Factoring - Opportunities and Challenges

Emerging and Developing Markets for Factoring - Opportunities and Challenges

10 July 2019 by Peter Brinsley, Erik Timmermans

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The Learning Lab is releasing a series of papers which focus on a number of emerging and developing factoring markets from around the world, with background details and observations by community experts from the WOA Learning Lab ‘Setting Up and Growing a Receivables Finance Operation’.

The markets that will be highlighted in the course of the coming weeks are, in alphabetical order,

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Egypt
  • India
  • Russia
  • Serbia
  • The South Pacific
  • West Africa

Each market is at a different stage of development and, of course, has particular features and challenges. However, there are also some issues that are common to many or all of the markets.

If you are looking to establish or grow a receivables finance operation in an emerging market this series of papers will give you food for thought about some of the challenges that may lie ahead for you. You may recognise in your own country issues that others have also identified and you will see the steps they’ve taken to grow factoring.

At any stage during the series of papers about different markets, you are invited to contribute your own experiences and observations about operating in an emerging market, or to ask questions which the Lab will try to answer. Contributions or questions can be submitted through the WOA Forum or by email info@woa.community .

All documents wil be available for free (the only thing we ask you is to register your profile on the WOA Community here). The first contribution that is available for download below gives an overview of general observations about  features of emerging factoring markets that someone looking to establish or grow factoring operations might want to consider. We wish you lots of inspiration and look forward to receiving feedback! 



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