Company Showcase: Octet Europe

Company Showcase: Octet Europe

6 June 2019 by Erik Timmermans

Margrith Lütschg, founder and CEO of Octet Europe presents the company, its model and its ambitions.

What is your Company’s business? What is its vision and mission?
Octet Europe’s Vision is to become the EU preferred B2B-card supply chain management and finance platform to enable its members purchase from across EU and around the world. Octet Europe’s Mission is to partner with major B2B-card issues across EU to increase use of available credit lines for actual commercial purchase (beyond the classical T&E). Our solution brings value added services to members by enabling real time digital exchange, negotiation, review and authorization of the entire trade documentation and then to trigger the corresponding payment in favor of suppliers.
What services do you offer and in which countries do you operate?
The Octet Community B2B members have access to a state of the art supply chain management and finance platform that allows real time exchange, review and authorization of the entire trade documentation (already more than 30 000 registered members around the world). Octet Europe can register B2B members (buyers or sellers) that reside in any EU-member state and through the connections of Octet Community they can also transact with their trading partners from around the world.
Where do you want to take the business in the future?
Octet Europe aims to partner with a number of financiers so that its members can access finance in relation to their trade transactions.
What are the opportunities and challenges?
Octet Europe is active at the moment in a very particular space of B2B-cards, which it has a very good growth potential where our solution provides proper controls (KYC/AML/CTF) together with the real track history which we believe to be very valuable for potential financiers and card-issuers especially in the SME sector but not only. The main challenge is that Octet Europe is often simply placed into PSP box, which it is not due to the strict Compliance and Control standards implemented in the platform. This means we have to educate the industry/all stakeholders which will delay the potential slightly.
How would you like people to describe your business?
Octet Europe services are a business enabler –EMPOWERING BUSINESS.
What’s one thing that people are surprised to learn about your business?
They can use their commercial cards to purchase from any of their suppliers.
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