Open Trade Finance : simple, easy to use, low cost.

Open Trade Finance : simple, easy to use, low cost.

10 April 2019 by Erik Timmermans


WOA Founding Member PrimaDollar has published their new company profile on the WOA community website.

It is interesting to see they launch the concept of "Open Trade Finance", which we believe is a great new term for Open Account cross-border receivables finance without the use of an additional correspondent such as in traditional trade finance or in the two-factor system.

Open Trade Finance is being offered by a growing number of alternative finance institutions (not only PrimaDollar : check out the WOA website here) but also Fintech initiatives and other providers in the global trade ecosytem are interested in this alternative and modern form of financing international trade.

The WOA learning lab on international receivables finance will follow up closely on this evolution and inform and educate the community on Open Trade Finance as a valid alternative for Exporters and Importers.


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