Don't suffer Factoring Fraud

Don't suffer Factoring Fraud

7 April 2019 by Peter Brinsley

WOA Learning Lab on Factoring Basics is preparing lots of activities in the near future. 

How to get started in receivables finance? Which products to chose? Which markets? What are the key drivers for success? Receivables Finance in all of its forms is high on the list of emerging economies as a tool to support SMEs and economic development. Banks are interested in adding Receivables Finance to their product portfolio but are looking for information and support. 

Fraud is one of the key risks for every factoring business. Learning Lab facilitator Peter Brinsley has summarized reasons for fraud, ways of conducting fraud and how to protect your factoring operation against this.

The detailed presentation is a great add-on to the series of mini-webinars on factoring operations that are available for free.

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