In disruptive innovation, corporate structure matters

In disruptive innovation, corporate structure matters

9 March 2019 by Erik Timmermans

Christophe Spoerry is the facilitator for the WOA Learning Lab on Fintech and Innovation. He was also one of the keynote speakers at the WOA Launch in December last year and he will moderate the first WOA e-roundtable on Blockchain and AI on Thursday 28th of March together with Daniel Huszar, Lawrence Ma and Igor Zaks.

Christophe's company, Alpine Style published a very interesting white paper Scaling up disruptive innovation: When to let the bird fly the nest. 

This collaborative paper, gathering input from various entrepreneurs, consultants and corporate innovators, as well as academic research, explores the range of options available to bring promising ideas to market, from the creation of a new department within the group, to the launch of a completely separate entity.

A great introduction to the WOA e-roundtable of 28th of March!


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