Newsletter January 2019

Newsletter January 2019

21 January 2019 by Erik Timmermans

Read our first newsletter of the new year!

Newsletter January 2019

Dear Reader,

One month after the launch of World of Open Account, I thought you might be interested in a status update.

Some stats about the last month:

  • 6 Premium Company Members
  • 14 Premium Support Members
  • 194 detailed profiles on WOA Search
  • 1.100 new individual visitors of the WOA website
  • average 2,4 sessions per user
  • average duration of visit: > 5 minutes
  • 68 articles available in WOA knowledge Centre
  • 25 WOA posts on LinkedIn with 16.000 views

Not bad for a digital start-up platform, is it?

And we don't plan having any vacation soon! 

Our focus is now on growing the membership and community and on content development.

Working a list of more than 200 prospective financial institutions means that we are busy: many video-calls, but also physical meetings are planned during these first months of the year. Our target is to reach 75 company members by the end of this year. One per week to go!

Content development has started in the learning labs International, SCF, Fintech and Receivables as an Asset Class. Video-calls are organized with the community experts and roadmaps and action plans are being designed and rolled out while you read this. Stay tuned for a series of e-workshops on SCF with a first one scheduled on 21st of March at 16h00 CET. All 12 Learning Labs should be up and running by the end of June.

And WOA's first Community Convention is ready to roll: more details and registration here:  

First WOA Community Convention - "A World of Opportunities"

Registrations are open! The first WOA Convention will take place in Antwerp, Belgium on 7-8. October 2019.

Read more

The success of World of Open Account is directly related to the relevance of the community to its members. And the larger the community, the more relevant it becomes.

So thank you to those of you who have already chosen to become involved. And we invite all our readers to join us and to “spread the word” in your networks to suggest your colleagues join WOA too.

And already there is more you can do to be part of this exciting project: Suggest new documents and articles for the different learning labs. Take part or launch new discussions in the WOA Ask Forum. Register for the convention and suggest additional topics and speakers.

WOA facilitates cooperation, learning and innovation in the open account ecosystem. You are a key stakeholder in this; so please get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions for the community. Nothing is written in stone: by joining us you can influence the content, course and direction of this new and agile project!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Erik Timmermans

WOA Facilitator


+32 2 356 26 86 |

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