1. Predictions 2023

  2. WOA Webinar on Credit Risk Assessment and Insurance in Turbulent Times

  3. 40Seas, a New Fintech Platform Designed to Modernize Cross-Border Trade Financing, Secures Funding of $111 Million from ZIM and Team8

  4. WOA Events in 2023

  5. WOA in Business Money

  6. Last remaining places on UK Finance Training 2022 programmes

  7. Watch the replay of WOA's Innovation Briefing on Supply Chain Futures

  8. Trade Ledger ties up with HSBC

  9. Trade Ledger Women in Business Lending Event

  10. Trade Ledger announces partnership with NORD/LB

  11. Building the future of the receivables finance industry

  12. WOA Innovation Briefing on Supply Chain Futures

  13. Next-generation working capital – the $ multi-trillion opportunity

  14. New strategic partnership for efcom

  15. World of Open Account (WOA) cofounders on the changing face of receivables finance

  16. Qualco joins WOA conference

  17. Unidroit Factoring Model Law - Public Consultation

  18. Building the RF industry with a war in Europe, instability in Asia, racing inflation and a pandemic that hasn’t quite gone away…

  19. EQ Riskfactor joins WOA conference

  20. Preview - Fintech Case Study SupplierPlus

  21. Discover the full "Building Futures" Program

  22. SCHUMANN Digital Credit Risk Management Conference 2022

  23. Preview - Innovation in cross-border factoring

  24. Preview - Responding to a world of uncertainty

  25. WOA Partner UK Finance Annual Dinner and Achievers Awards

  26. Access to UK Finance’s world class training for WOA members

  27. Preview - Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  28. Preview - Investing in Receivables

  29. Preview - SME Banking Club

  30. Preview - ESG & SCF

  31. Preview - CRX Markets

  32. Preview - Top Panel

  33. HPD Lendscape Announces Name Change to Lendscape

  34. Preview - Dr Holger Bingmann

  35. "Building Futures" Program announced

  36. EQ Riskfactor and Solifi announce New Strategic partnership

  37. Tradeteq DISTRIBUTE

  38. WOA in Business Money

  39. Platformication & embedded Finance

  40. Trade Ledger On Line Event

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