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Upcoming Events

  1. Financing Inventory in Europe

    03 December

    This web-meeting will look into practical considerations for financing inventory in Europe. The presenters will discuss how receivable financiers can move into this Asset Based Lending (ABL) activity. What are the challenges? How to manage risks related to inventory financing?

  2. WOA New Year's Event : 16th of January 2020 at DLA Piper in London

    16 January

    The World of Open Account Community gathers in London at the start of the new year.

Past Events

  1. The Originate-and-Distribute Model : wrap-up of the 2019 sessions

    12 November

    The last e-roundtable session of 2019 organized by WOA's Learning Lab on Receivables as an Asset Class. Join André Casterman together with Tradeteq colleagues to wrap up the various discussions that took place in the course of this year.

  2. First WOA Community Convention - "A World of Opportunities"

    07 October

    The first WOA Convention will take place in Antwerp, Belgium on 7-8. October 2019.

  3. Emerging and Developing Markets for Factoring - Opportunities and Challenges

    17 September

    The WOA Learning Lab ‘Setting Up and Growing a Receivables Finance Operation’. published a series of papers which focus on a number of emerging and developing factoring markets from around the world.

    This e-panel will be the perfect opportunity to discuss findings, issues and ideas with the WOA community.

  4. The fintech perspective - Securitisation-as-a-Service

    10 September

    The sixth e-roundtable session organized by WOA's Learning Lab on Receivables as an Asset Class. Join André Casterman together with lawyer Christian Faber and experts from Tradeteq Christoph Gugelmann and Nils Behling for another interesting discussion

  5. WOA Keynote e-meeting : Hardin Tibbs, futurist, interviewed by Simon Featherstone

    02 July

    A leading futurist discusses the future of finance and what it means for the world of open account financing  

  6. The Investor's perspective: Credit Risk Transparency

    25 June

    The fifth e-roundtable session organized by WOA's Learning Lab on Receivables as an Asset Class. Join André Casterman, Christoph Gugelmann, and other community experts for an interesting discussion.

  7. WOA e-roundtable "Risks and Receivables Finance : How can technology help?"

    04 June

    Can Risk Management be automated?

    What role can technology play?

    What about new developments such as AI?

    A lively discussion about risks in invoice finance and how technology can support.

  8. The Investor’s perspective – Reasons and ways for non-bank investors to invest in trade receivables - Challenges and key requirements

    28 May

    The WOA's Learning Lab on Receivables as an Asset Class decided to merge the third and fourth session of the series into one "big session" on the relation of non-bank investors to Receivables. Join André Casterman, Christoph Gugelmann, Andy Tananbaum and Marc Clapasson for another lively debate.

  9. WOA e-roundtable : "On or Off-Balance sheet?" a hot topic for SCF!

    23 April

    WOA Community Experts from the SCF Learning Lab will discuss Accounting & Rating Implications when structuring SCF/Buyer-Led Payables Funding programs.

  10. WOA e-roundtable "Credit Insurance and Receivables Finance : Je t'aime, moi non plus"

    09 April

    The WOA Learning Lab on International Open Account Trade Finance organizes a web-discussion on the sometimes difficult relationship between Invoice Financiers and Credit Insurers. 

  11. First WOA e-roundtable on Blockchain and AI

    28 March

    Join the WOA Community experts from the Fintech & Innovation Learning Lab for a free live session on practical use of Blockchain and AI in Receivables Finance.

  12. WOA e-roundtable "The Originator's Perspective : Receivables as an Asset Class - Part 2"

    26 March

    Join André Casterman, Margrith Lütschg-Emmenegger, Johanna Wissing and Andy Tananbaum in this second WOA web-meeting on Receivables as an Asset Class

  13. WOA e-roundtable "2019 Trends and Challenges in SCF"

    21 March

    Meet the WOA Learning Lab experts on SCF  -  Buyer-led Receivables Finance during an interactive e-roundtable.

  14. WOA e-roundtable "Receivables as an Asset Class - an introduction"

    25 February

    Learning Lab facilitator André Casterman and Community Expert Alexander Malaket will introduce with this e-meeting a series of webinars on "receivables as an asset class".

  15. Webinars on Launch of World of Open Account

    13 December

    For those who could not attend the Launch event in London on 10 December.

  16. Launch Event - World of Open Account

    10 December

    The international launch event of WOA took place in London on 10 December 2018

Partner Events


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