Speakers at Managing & Mitigating risks when investing in Receivables

Managing & Mitigating risks when investing in Receivables

About the speakers

  1. Gideon Jones

    Gideon Jones

    Gideon Jones studied Law before joining UK Government, Export Credit Guarantee Department. His career has focussed on risk management within the credit insurance industry including leading roles in Special Risks Underwriting, Claims, Recoveries and Collections always in an international environment. He was centrally involved in merger and acquisition activity within the current Atradius Group, established Risk offices in Asia and was the founding director of Atradius Collections in UK. Now within Atradius Collections, Gideon develops strategic partnerships globally with a special focus on Financial Institutes and is centrally involved in Atradius Group innovation and technology forums. Gideon is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management. He is married with two children and based in Cardiff, UK.
  2. Igor Zaks

    Igor Zaks

    Igor Zaks, founder and the President of Tenzor Ltd., focusing on all aspects of working capital management and financing. Igor is a seasoned finance professional, combining experience in banking, blue chip corporate and consulting. Igor started his career in in 1990, first in consulting, and then as Finance Director for a high tech company. He subsequently moved to Citibank, initially working in project finance before setting up and running its first research department in Russia. After moving to Citibank London in 1996, Igor set up market strategy research for Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa. In 2000 Igor moved to Dell where he designed a number of innovative structures, working with credit insurers, banks and other finance providers. Igor then moved as a director to Eurohypo / Commerzbank, undertaking traditional public finance transactions as well as driving expansion into new asset classes, such as receivables, leases and export credit agencies. From 2006 to 2009 he was a Managing Partner in SCF Capital, a specialised boutique in supply chain financing and its applications. He set up Tenzor Ltd. in 2009 and is now based in Toronto, Canada
  3. John Brehcist

    John Brehcist

    John Brehcist is an acknowledged expert in the Receivables Finance world. Previously the Head of Strategy for Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance, for over twelve years he has run his successful roundwindow consultancy business working with clients (from start-ups to established leaders, from emerging to developed markets) in twenty six countries, offering impartial advice and constructive support on strategy, marketing, operations, people, risk and fraud control. He has combined this with taking a range of non-exec director roles, has been Director of Advocacy at FCI and Coordinator of the EU Federation for Factoring and Commercial Finance (EUF). Since September 2019, he has been a key member of the team at World of Open Account, WOA. John has an MA from Oxford and an MBA from Warwick. He is a well-known author, lecturer and conference presenter.
  4. Mike Catterson

    Mike Catterson

    Mike (Director, Structuring, with Blackstar Capital) has 23 years experience with securitisation and structured finance in the UK, Europe, North America, and Australia, focusing on the structuring and restructuring of deals both on behalf of Originators and Investment Banks. While his specialisation has been with trade receivables, he has also worked with a wide range of other asset classes including auto loans and leases, dealer floor plans, RMBS, and various forms of bridge financing for mining, construction, farming, and hedge fund trading. He’s now focused on technology-driven trade receivables financing products, considering corporates overlooked by the relationship managers of major banks and utilising technology overlooked by the architects of established fin-tech platforms. Mike has qualified as a CPA, CFA, and CIRA.


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