About Managing & Mitigating risks when investing in Receivables

Managing & Mitigating risks when investing in Receivables

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Open Account Receivables continue to be an important alternative asset class for a wide variety of investors.

Investment Models: There are many familiar, traditional investment models to choose from. And, recent technological innovation and shifts in regulation have created new models alongside traditional channels:

  • Direct Investment in an invoice finance operation
  • Investing in a securitization SPV
  • Buying receivables originated on Fintech platforms
  • Joining a traditional, or FinTech-based receivables finance programme (e.g. SCF or Embedded Finance) as a committed / longer term investor partner
  • Emerging distributed ledger based platforms

Risks: These different models all come with their own type of risks, directly related to the performance of critical counterparties, and the underlying receivables themselves, such as:

  • Fraud
  • Buyer insolvency
  • Data integrity
  • Default / Delinquency / Dilution
  • Seller performance and insolvency
  • Operational performance of critical counterparties

Control & Mitigants:  Our panel will give an overview of the different risks and discuss best practices for evaluation, monitoring, and mitigation, such as:

  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Data Analytics
  • Back Up Servicing
  • Insurance
  • Payment control

 There will be plenty of opportunity for attendee interaction.


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