About Credit Risk Assessment and Insurance in Turbulent Times

Credit Risk Assessment and Insurance in Turbulent Times

Join us for this in depth review of the state of play in Credit Risk Assessment and techniques, and their role together with Insurance in these rapidly evolving and unpredictable times. WOA's John Brehcist will be joined by Industry experts Robert Meters, Gideon Jones and Simon Peterman and our panel  will explore the environment, issues and opportunities.

Topics to be considered include:

    • Setting the scene on Credit Risk:
      • Economic environment:
        • Russian invasion into Ukraine
        • Energy prices
        • Inflation
        • Interest rates
        • Insolvencies
        • Supply chain disruptions
    • Challenges for companies and banks/FI:
        • Impact of megatrends on banks/FI and their responses
        • Risk assessment and monitoring
        • Limit utilisation and allocation
        • Adjustments
    • Credit Insurances:
        • Expectations claims and insolvencies 2023
        • Industry default risks
        • Coverages
        • Risk mitigation tools
        • Risk appetite
        • Debt collection
    • Decision making, approval processes, risk assessment and monitoring:
        • Reference to mega trends, self-services for banks/FI for fast responses to changing environment
        • Data analytics, payment experiences, industry default risks
        • Handling of TCI limits, decision making processes, debt collection


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