About WOA's Kick-Off Web Event - major expectations for 2022 and beyond

WOA's Kick-Off Web Event - major expectations for 2022 and beyond

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Instead of organizing a physical New Year’s event, WOA will meet online on Tuesday 18th of January at 3:00pm CET to kick off 2022.

Open to everyone, this thought-provoking session will consider the state of the open account finance world and address the “where do we go from here?” questions:

  • How do we improve customer interaction and make doing business easy?
  • How do we better obtain, augment and interpret data to inform decision making?
  • What are the opportunities for better targeted funding solutions?
  • What will be the role of traditional banks versus alternative lenders?
  • How will ESG influence the receivables finance industry?

John Brehcist will act as moderator and will be joined by top panellists including Kevin Day of HPD Lendscape, who will draw on some of the findings from their recent wide reaching external research programme, that gained perspectives from 20 industry experts covering FinTechs, independent providers to major banks.

Top Industry experts Simon Featherstone, Steven van der Hooft and Matt Davies will join Kevin and John to debate these topics.

This discussion will also form the basis of a series of five Premium Member Only “C level” discussions to take place throughout the following year, sessions which will address in detail the ideas raised in this January opener.


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Free of charge. No software to download. Easy and safe access from any device with an internet connection or even from a telephone.

To register for the web-meeting, you need to be logged in as WOA participant. New visitors can easily join WOA for free here.

The replay will be available exclusively to WOA premium members

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