About WOA Community Convention - Vienna 4-5 October 2021

WOA Community Convention - Vienna 4-5 October 2021

The World of Open Account is in the first place a digital community. But we believe that all of us are looking forward to being able to meet off-line, physically and for real. To network together to discuss business opportunities. To share our insights and opinions. To be updated on trends and innovation from Industry colleagues and thought leaders. To talk without microphones and screens!

We plan our third annual convention under the theme "New environment, new opportunities” to take place in Vienna, Austria. The conference programme brings together an unparalleled range of thought leaders and industry experts from across the whole spectrum of open account business.

We start with an icebreaker reception on Monday 4th of October. Tuesday 5th is a full day of conference to be held in the impressive auditorium of Raiffeisen International Bank. The convention ends on Tuesday evening with a networking dinner, kindly organized by Raiffeisen Factor Bank, our main conference sponsor partner.

Main Conference Partner:

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The WOA convention is different from any other conference:

  • Short enough to fit into your busy schedule
  • Long enough to give you the opportunity  to meet everyone
  • Short presentations that will really inspire
  • Lots of interaction, Q&As, discussions (after all, in the first place WOA is and remains a community)
  • No heavy tourism (because you are here for business), but sufficient time for socializing and networking in a friendly atmosphere
  • Less than half the price of most one-day conferences
  • But lots of content that matters and a personalized approach for an unforgettable event 



More to be announced! Contact us at info@woa.community for sponsoring opportunities

Institutional & Media Partners

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If the conference cannot proceed, or you cannot attend because of new Covid restrictions, we will refund your attendance fee without question


Please use one form per person to be registered


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