About The COVID crisis and Receivables Finance: impact and future

The COVID crisis and Receivables Finance: impact and future

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After weeks of almost universal lockdowns, there are now diverging approaches to the timing and method of opening up of economies. Many governments around the world are now starting to take tip-toe steps in the effort to restore some normality, to kick start markets that have been in virtual freefall.

At WOA we have collected the perceptions of our community members on how much your business has been affected by the Coronavirus and the measures taken to try to control it.

(You can TAKE THE SURVEY till 7. June)

How has it altered the way you have been doing business? How long you think it will take to get back to “full steam” again? And which changes, of any of the adaptations that you’ve seen, will become part of business as usual?

Join Community Expert Mark Mandula, WOA Director John Brehcist and WOA Founder Erik Timmermans for a presentation of the survey results, followed by an interactive discussion.


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