About WOA Assess - A New Service to assess your Business Fitness

WOA Assess - A New Service to assess your Business Fitness

As part of a continuous programme of improvement, benchmarking against peer businesses is becoming a key method; how are we doing? Where can we improve? What do we need to do better? However, getting answers to such questions is not always easy and effective comparison can be difficult.

Such analysis can also be very expensive and time consuming; large scale consultancy organisations will offer advice but this may prove to be broad based “kit-bag” solution driven. The review processes and the recommendations are often generic, are unlikely to be based on specific Industry knowledge. 

WOA Assess provides the opportunity for open account industry businesses to have a low-cost review and health check from a perspective that acknowledges the particular nature of the Industry and is carried out by recognized consultants who have Industry based knowledge and capability.

WOA Assess gives a specific perspective based on the business in the context of the Open Account industry.

As well as providing an internal learning and development benefit, WOA Assess also provides a differential marketing advantage as the Subject can demonstrate they have shown themselves to be seen as a competent and capable provider through an independent assessment process. This can also be an important advantage when dealing with potential investors.

WOA Community Experts from the Learning Lab "Setting Up and Developing Receivables Finance Operations" Peter Brinsley, Margrith Lutschg-Emmenegger and John Brehcist will present more details about this new service during the webmeeting. There will be plenty of opportunity for participants to interact and ask questions.


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