About WOA e-roundtable "Receivables as an Asset Class - an introduction"

WOA e-roundtable "Receivables as an Asset Class - an introduction"

In recent years, many investors have been focusing attention on “alternative asset classes”. Open Account Receivables is often earmarked as a relatively safe and liquid asset class. But at the same time, receivables have by nature a very short life-cycle and portfolios of receivables can change completely in a matter of weeks. Technology is used to bridge the gap between investors and receivables, thereby creating an interesting new asset class and a new way of funding alternative finance providers. The WOA Learning Lab follows new initiatives, informs the community and acts as an information partner for anyone considering investing in receivables.

Learning Lab facilitator André Casterman and Community Expert Alexander Malaket will introduce with this e-meeting a series of webinars on "receivables as an asset class". The live session will take place on Monday 25 February from 15h00 till 15h45 CET. 

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Attendance of this web-meeting is free of charge. No software to download. Easy and safe access from any device with an internet connection.

This meeting is the first in a series of 8 web-meetings that will take place in 2019 on following dates :

- Monday, 25 Feb 15h00 CET

- Tuesday, 26 March 15h00 CET

- Tuesday 30 April 15h00 CET

- Tuesday 28 May 15h00 CET

- Tuesday 18 June 15h00 CET

- Tuesday 10 September 15h00 CET

- Tuesday 8 October : live session during Community Convention in Antwerp, Belgium

- Tuesday 12 November 15h00 CET

The replays of all web-meetings will be available exclusively to WOA premium members

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