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Open account business – buy now, pay later – drives economic activity worldwide. It’s a key contributor to global growth. Finance specialists fund and protect this business with receivables finance solutions. Key stakeholders work with them to create a whole open account ecosystem. WOA is their professional community. Open and accessible for all. Collaboration-based. Digitally driven. Focused on innovation and knowledge.



Network with trusted professionals in a safe and structured environment. Exchange knowledge, discuss business opportunities and cooperate!

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Get access to a unique knowledge hub on receivables finance, developed by the community for the community.

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Discover new technology and discuss the latest industry trends at WOA Events and on WOA Ask : a unique community forum.

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  1. WOA e-roundtable "The Originator's Perspective : Receivables as an Asset Class - Part 2"


    Join André Casterman, Margrith Lütschg-Emmenegger and Andy Tananbaum in this second WOA web-meeting on Receivables as an Asset Class

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  2. First WOA e-roundtable on Blockchain and AI


    Join the WOA Community experts from the Fintech & Innovation Learning Lab for a free live session on practical use of Blockchain and AI in Receivables Finance.

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  3. WOA e-roundtable "Credit Insurance and Receivables Finance : Je t'aime, moi non plus"


    The WOA Learning Lab on International Open Account Trade Finance organizes a web-discussion on the sometimes difficult relationship between Invoice Financiers and Credit Insurers. 

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  4. WOA e-roundtable : "On or Off-Balance sheet?" a hot topic for SCF!


    WOA Community Experts from the SCF Learning Lab will discuss Accounting & Rating Implications when structuring SCF/Buyer-Led Payables Funding programs.

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  5. First WOA Community Convention - "A World of Opportunities"


    Registrations are open! The first WOA Convention will take place in Antwerp, Belgium on 7-8. October 2019.

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